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ADHD MAKE ME SO EMOTIONALLife with ADHD can feel like an everyday rollercoaster of emotions.
Sometimes, this makes it challenging to stay in tune with your relationships. If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. Those who struggle with ADHD can tend to overthink situations that occur in their life, replaying them over and over again in their mind.

For example, sometimes, I think of all the other possible ways conversations could have gone if I said something else. By doing this, it’s possible to overthink how you might have been perceived by others and the understand the role you played in that situation.

Another thing those with ADHD often do is fixate on the opinions and responses of others. This can lead to isolating yourself or suppress your thoughts and feelings due to fear of judgement. Those with ADHD actually don’t think these thoughts for very long periods of time before the next thing catches their attention. It’s a cycle of overthinking, worrying about your perception, and overanalyzing that create this dysregulation of emotion.

At Apple Psychological we specialize in helping those people with ADHD to
gain a better understanding of their thoughts and feelings and how they
impact their behavior and relationship patterns. This helps people to feel
more confident handling ADHD in their daily lives. Breaking the stigma
around mental health and accepting your mind’s neurodivergency is
something that our clinicians work towards. We help our clients find their
strengths and use them to help overcome the challenges ADHD may cause.

A few things Apple Psychological ADHD treatment services can help with:

● Prioritizing your day to day goals and tasks
● Working through emotional regulation techniques
● Providing support and guidance through a strenuous time

Using these techniques could help those in need build structure in their
daily lives. Seeking assistance to do this is not something that should be
frowned upon, but encouraged in our society. With the everyday struggles
that people are facing today, a licensed clinician is someone who will help
improve your quality of life by introducing new skills.

We can help you learn the strategies to gain control over your ADHD
symptoms. Contact Us at 917-526-0766  or Click Here book a Free Consultation. An experienced counselor specializing in ADHD
Treatment can help.