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Going away to college can feel freeing and exciting because it’s a brand new adventure in your life. One that you get to experience all on your own. What people often don’t talk about, is how college can feel after that excitement goes away.

 It’s normal to be anxious about your new independence and making your own decisions. When the semester begins and real college life starts students may be unprepared for the amount of time they spend alone, which can lead to feeling lonely and homesick. Some tips for dealing with homesickness include:

  • Staying busy; whether it be with schoolwork or social life, always try to keep yourself occupied
  • Make plans; sometimes it’s not the school week that’s tough but it’s the uneventful weekends that students dread. So make plans for each weekend even if its small, so that you always have something to look forward to
  • Plan home visits; always know when you will be home next so that you can find relief in knowing you will be there again
  • Reach out to people; whether you met them on your first day or in one of your classes, reach out to them and just talk over text or meet up on campus. Keep in mind everyone is looking for friends
  • Find independent activities; it’s important to be able to do things alone, so discover things you enjoy doing by yourself

Remember, if you’re ever feeling hopeless or too anxious to try these tips, Apple Psychological offers an effective system of support to help guide you through the challenges of college life.

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