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Dealing with Social Media Addiction

Social media is everywhere. In a large part because it speaks to a basic need we have. We are fundamentally social creatures, and we now live in a time where that social nature can be explored through technology. Apps like Instagram allow us to reach out and connect with others, to witness lives that are not our own, and to be entertained by the silly things strangers are doing.

This ability has given us new ways to keep in touch with friends or relax after a long day. However, it can sometimes be hard to stop ourselves from reaching for the familiar and easy comfort that these apps can bring. This can spiral into anything from an annoying habit to a seriously harmful problem. Social media addiction is tied to a slew of emotional and performance problems, and – like all addictions – can be quite difficult to escape.

 If you are dealing with this issue, one proven way of mitigating social media addiction centers on changing one’s thoughts and attitudes towards the apps. As simple as it sounds, thinking more intentionally can be effective. Targeted reflection and articulation of thoughts can break cycles of rumination and habitual usage.

 Try to follow this simple guide. It includes one session of reflection and writing, and a daily journal that can be as short or long as you desire.

 To start, ask yourself the following five questions:

  1. How much time do you spend on social media per day and per week?
  2. What other meaningful things could you do with that time?
  3. What are the benefits of not using social media?
  4. Why did you use social media and were there alternative ways to achieve the purposes?
  5. What are the adverse effects of social media use?

 After these reflections, find a sticky note, and write five pros and five cons of social media. You can keep this note around your desk and set it as your lock screen to keep these resolutions on your mind.

 Once this is done, try to keep a daily record of how much social media you used, and to reflect on your thoughts and feelings about your use.

 Following this intervention and breaking out of social media addiction is tied to an increase in self-esteem, mental health, and sleep quality. It is a way to break out of something that is potentially detrimental to happiness and productivity in high school or college.

 So many of our modern mental health problems require specific, experienced care. At Apple Psychological, our College Transition Team specializes in helping students with all the issues in the transitional time of entering college. Check out the Team or book a FREE consultation with a specialized therapist HERE.

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Is Seasonal Depression Real? How Do I Get Help?

Often times, the holiday season can be filled with feelings of sadness or despair. What some don’t realize, is that this is just the beginning for others who struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD frequently begins around the holiday season because this is around the time that the weather begins getting colder and less accommodating to spending time outdoors. This slightly isolative change may not seem like a big deal right away. As time goes on, the cold weather can force people to abandon their community. This leads to feelings of isolation, which makes socializing feel impossible. Without knowing why, you may start to feel a disconnection from the world and even yourself. This slowly happens as you continue to stay inside of your home.

Is Seasonal Depression Real? How Do I Get Help

This emotional reaction can be frustrating and may lead you to feel helpless and alone. Thus, leaving you to ask yourself “what’s wrong with me?”. SAD is much more complex than the occasional feeling of depression during the winter. It is a serious disorder that one needs assistance to deal with. Roughly 5% of adults experience SAD in the U.S. Being able to take control of your emotions and change your mindset when you are feeling sad is not a depressive characteristic. Struggling to, or feeling like it’s impossible to have any control over your emotions on a frequent basis is considered to be depressive behavior.

How can you help this?

The hardest part of improving your well being for many people is admitting
that they need help. Accepting that you may have issues that are going
untreated is scary. Some of the symptoms might be ones that your friends
and family will not be able to recognize. Acknowledging your issues is often
thought to be a sign of weakness. What people don’t often consider, is that
many others around them are also facing their own internal struggles. The
stigma around struggling with mental health is a major reason that people
do not get the help they need. In reality, acknowledging your issues is the
first step towards feeling better.

Having the ability to meet with a professional psychologist without leaving
the comfort of your home, is an amazing feature that is offers in our private
practice. Teletherapy with Apple Psychological, LLP allows you to have
someone to talk through your emotions with which can significantly help you
develop a more stable and emotional mindset.

Talking through your emotions is especially beneficial when you feel you have
no one you can turn to and might feel all alone. If you’re finding yourself
having an annual struggle getting through the winter and your mental health
is at a constant low, then reach out to our therapists for help. The support you
receive can be life changing.

Together, we can help you get through this difficult time.
Contact Us by Booking An Appointment or call us at 917-526-0766. An experienced counselor specializing in Depression Treatment can help.

Why does my ADHD make me so emotional?

ADHD MAKE ME SO EMOTIONALLife with ADHD can feel like an everyday rollercoaster of emotions.
Sometimes, this makes it challenging to stay in tune with your relationships. If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. Those who struggle with ADHD can tend to overthink situations that occur in their life, replaying them over and over again in their mind.

For example, sometimes, I think of all the other possible ways conversations could have gone if I said something else. By doing this, it’s possible to overthink how you might have been perceived by others and the understand the role you played in that situation.

Another thing those with ADHD often do is fixate on the opinions and responses of others. This can lead to isolating yourself or suppress your thoughts and feelings due to fear of judgement. Those with ADHD actually don’t think these thoughts for very long periods of time before the next thing catches their attention. It’s a cycle of overthinking, worrying about your perception, and overanalyzing that create this dysregulation of emotion.

At Apple Psychological we specialize in helping those people with ADHD to
gain a better understanding of their thoughts and feelings and how they
impact their behavior and relationship patterns. This helps people to feel
more confident handling ADHD in their daily lives. Breaking the stigma
around mental health and accepting your mind’s neurodivergency is
something that our clinicians work towards. We help our clients find their
strengths and use them to help overcome the challenges ADHD may cause.

A few things Apple Psychological ADHD treatment services can help with:

● Prioritizing your day to day goals and tasks
● Working through emotional regulation techniques
● Providing support and guidance through a strenuous time

Using these techniques could help those in need build structure in their
daily lives. Seeking assistance to do this is not something that should be
frowned upon, but encouraged in our society. With the everyday struggles
that people are facing today, a licensed clinician is someone who will help
improve your quality of life by introducing new skills.

We can help you learn the strategies to gain control over your ADHD
symptoms. Contact Us at 917-526-0766  or Click Here book a Free Consultation. An experienced counselor specializing in ADHD
Treatment can help.

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? Here are Five Strategies to Help You RIGHT NOW!       

Feeling Overwhelmed?Feeling overwhelmed is not an uncommon experience. With the fast-paced and busyness of everyday life, it is easy to become overwhelmed and feel like you’re losing control of your surroundings. The vicious cycle of stress and anxiety tends to sneak up on you and may be difficult to break. When these feelings arise, it is critical to utilize coping mechanisms to take charge of them before they consume you. Prolonged overwhelming and stressful feelings deplete the body of energy and inhibit its proper and optimal function.

Stress and anxiety are indiscriminate and no matter who you are, you can have these feelings. Many things lead a person to feel overwhelmed. A student may feel overwhelmed by their course workload or by thoughts about their future. An employed adult may feel that they have too many work and family responsibilities. Although not everyone experiences stress for the same reasons, it is equally important for everyone to manage their stress in a way that is both healthy and effective.

There are numerous things you may do to help reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelming emotions. However, it is important to find what works best for you, as different strategies may work for different people:

1. Make a list:
Your brain often causes you to feel overwhelmed because it believes you have too much to do and not enough time. If you make a list of everything you need to get done, it is likely that your responsibilities will not seem as daunting as your brain is making them out to be. Once written down, you can mark off tasks as you complete them. This will make you feel accomplished and productive, and may even motivate you to keep going and incorporate list-making into your daily life!

2. Think about the “why”:
In order to resolve an issue, it is important to reflect on why you are experiencing the issue. Getting to the root of your emotions will help you determine why you are having these feelings and give you insight on how to best approach a solution. Sometimes, when you reflect on the reason you realize that you’re not stressed or anxious for any particular reason and that may help your feelings subside.

3. Find a healthy outlet:
It is vital to give yourself some space from whatever might be triggering your stress and anxiety. Take a step back and take some time for yourself. Prioritizing self-care and doing things you enjoy will help you de-stress. Each person may have different preferred outlets. While some people choose to go to the gym and exercise, others may prefer to unwind and watch television. When you need a break, you should engage in whatever brings you happiness. Some people may find it difficult to take breaks because they feel like taking a break will delay their opportunity to tackle what’s causing them stress. However, even if it’s for a brief period, it is crucial to clear your mind so that you approach your tasks with a fresh head and a new perspective.

4. Focus on the “controllable”
People dislike feeling that their circumstances are out of their control. People tend to focus on the things that are beyond their control while ignoring the things that they do have control over. Stressing about things that you cannot manage is unproductive and will send you into a downward spiral. When you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, try to focus on the things that you have influence over and make an effort to believe that everything you cannot control, will work out how it is supposed to.

5. Speak to someone
For some, no matter what strategies they attempt to gain a handle on their stress and anxiety, they just do not feel content. If that is the case, it is important to speak to someone and seek guidance. While friends and family are a great resource, there are times when it’s important to talk to a professional who will listen to your concerns and offer you objective, unbiased advice on ways to alleviate your stress and anxiety.

For those who choose to seek professional help, Apple Psychological offers a variety of counseling, Anxiety Treatment, a Master Your Stress So You Can Ace the Test Curriculum and Manual, and other great resources. Getting help is not something to be ashamed of and may be the best route for some people. If you find yourself unable to find effective methods to cope with your anxiety, gaining another perspective may be beneficial.

Whichever method you choose to deal with overwhelming and anxious feelings, the important thing is that you try! To learn about how we can help or to book a free consultation, click HERE or call us at 917-526-0766. An experienced counselor specializing in Anxiety Treatment can help.


TIPS TO COPE WITH SOCIAL MEDIA DISTRACTION AND COMPARISONSocial media is often used as a distraction to take our minds off of our present life. It is used to keep up with current trends, and to stay in touch with friends and family.

We sometimes fall victim to comparing our lives with the lives of our peers on social media. When you begin to see everyone as competition, it generates negativity towards yourself, leading to a loss of self-confidence.

Constantly comparing yourself to others can be draining. It creates a toxic relationship with using social media.

A slight change in the way you react to the things you see online can drastically change your attitude towards social media and also yourself.

A few things to consider when using social media are:
● You are mostly seeing the best moments of another person’s life.
● Just because you are not where others may be doesn’t mean your life is worse or bad.
● It is easier to feel happy for someone else than it is to feel bad about yourself.
● You are a different person from the one on the screen and you are living a different life,

Struggling with negative thoughts can be very difficult to deal with alone. Seeking help from a professional is one of the best ways to help yourself overcome these tiresome patterns and make new mindful routines. In order to gain control of how you’re feeling and what’s causing you to constantly feel so down, oftentimes you need to take a step back and reevaluate the pattern you’ve created within each day.

Speaking with a professional can help you to assess and adjust your daily routine if needed. Thus creating a more stable and positive relationship with social media. If ever feeling like you are in need of assistance navigating life with social media. Seek help from a licensed professional who can talk through these issues with you.

If you want to learn more, about how Teen Counseling can help your child please reach out for a to our team at: (917) 526-0766, or book a FREE consultation HERE.