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Family Therapy Services in New York

At Apple Psychological, we deeply understand family relationships’ pivotal role in shaping individual and collective well-being. Our team of skilled therapists is dedicated to providing comprehensive family therapy services to address family conflict, enhance family dynamics, improve communication, and foster healthier relationships.
We also offer family counseling to creatively disrupt dysfunctional family patterns, strengthen family bonds, and address a variety of familial challenges. Through personalized care and evidence-based approaches, we are committed to helping families in Roslyn Heights, New York, and via Telehealth, navigate life’s challenges together.

Couple Therapy

Empowerment in Family Dynamics Through Therapy

At Apple Psychological, we strongly emphasize empowerment throughout the therapy process. Empowerment in family therapy means equipping family members with the tools and confidence to make informed decisions, communicate effectively, and independently resolve conflicts. This approach enhances the therapy’s impact and ensures that the benefits extend beyond our sessions, fostering resilience and self-efficacy among family members.

Family therapy can help address various family issues such as stress, bonding, individual mental health problems, dispute resolution, roles and boundaries, communication improvement, and supporting family members with mental illness.

Holistic Healing and Well-being with Mental Health Professionals at Apple Psychological

Mental and Cognitive Health

We address mental health conditions and cognitive issues through specialized therapeutic techniques that promote mental clarity and emotional stability.

Behavioral Techniques

Our therapists utilize behavioral strategies to help family members develop healthier habits, reduce stress, and manage responses to emotional triggers.

Body-Mind Connection

Recognizing the intricate link between physical health and psychological well-being, our therapy sessions include discussions on lifestyle choices that impact physical and mental health.

Stress Reduction

Techniques such as mindfulness, relaxation exercises, and physical activity recommendations are integrated into treatment plans to help alleviate stress, which is often a significant factor in overall health.

Family Therapy Services in New York

Experienced Multidisciplinary Team of NYC Family Therapists

Our team consists of seasoned mental health professionals, including therapists who specialize in various domains such as family therapy, individual therapy, child and adolescent therapy, and couples therapy. This multidisciplinary approach enables us to offer holistic care tailored to meet the diverse needs of each family member, ensuring that everyone’s psychological and emotional health is addressed.

Customized Family Therapy Treatment Plans

Recognizing the uniqueness of each family, Apple Psychological adopts a highly personalized approach to therapy. Our therapists work closely with families to craft customized treatment plans, including family therapy treatment, that reflect their specific goals, values, and cultural backgrounds. This tailored approach helps families achieve meaningful and lasting improvements in their relationships.

Integration of Individual and Family Therapy

In addition to group family sessions, we offer individual therapy to family members who may benefit from focused support within the family system. This integration ensures comprehensive care, allowing each individual to address personal challenges while contributing positively to the family’s overall well-being.

Emotional Awareness and Regulation

We help individuals understand and manage their emotions through techniques like emotional intelligence training and mindfulness. This fosters a healthier emotional life that supports personal and family well-being.

Resilience Building

Teaching coping mechanisms and resilience strategies enable family members to handle life’s challenges better and bounce back from setbacks more effectively.

Communication Skills

Enhancing communication skills is a cornerstone of our family therapy. We focus on active listening, constructively expressing feelings, and resolving conflicts to strengthen relationships.

Bond Strengthening

Through shared therapeutic activities and guided interactions, we help families build stronger bonds, enhance empathy, and deepen understanding among members.

By considering all aspects of health—therapy, physical, emotional, and relational—Apple Psychological ensures a holistic treatment approach that addresses specific symptoms and enhances the overall quality of life for families. This comprehensive focus on well-being is what sets us apart and makes our therapy services particularly effective for families seeking long-term improvements in their lives.

Take the First Step Towards Healthier Relationships

Take the First Step Towards Healthier Relationships

If your family, including other family members, is facing challenges and could benefit from the support of our experienced therapists, we’re here to help. At Apple Psychological, we understand the complexities of family dynamics and are equipped with the knowledge and tools to assist your family in navigating its unique challenges. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards building healthier, happier relationships. Whether you’re in Roslyn Heights or seeking flexible Telehealth services, our doors are open, and our therapists are ready to support you every step of the way.


If you’re tired of living a life driven by fear, Apple Psychological can help you take control of your anxiety, understand and overcome it. Please contact us and specify your interest in anxiety treatment for your free, 15-minute consultation or to set up your first anxiety treatment session.

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