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Our Mission


Our Mission

AT APPLE PSYCHOLOGICAL, we provide the ENTIRE FAMILY SYSTEM with high quality, integrated, mental health care. We offer our patients a safe, non-judgmental space where they can explore and achieve their optimal mental health and well-being.

When we make one small change to a family system, other changes will follow.

We strive to gain the trust and respect of our patients, their families, and our community in an effort to create positive change, insight, and fulfillment in those we serve.

Our Vision

OUR VISION is to create a behavioral health care system with a variety of specialties and health care needs, where the complete family can grow and heal, regardless of their initial concern, sexual orientation, ethnic or religious background.

Our Values


We appreciate and respect the diversity and cultural differences of our patients and take into account the many complex aspects of their lives. We strive to provide services that reflect our patients’ individual mental health-related behaviors and needs, and to do so in a sensitive and caring manner.


We strive to identify with our patients’ situations and to have a sense of their feelings and emotions related to their needs. Offering a high level of empathy enhances trust and the quality of care that our patients deserve.

Our patients continually come back to us because they know that we care.


We believe that the therapeutic relationship is the primary agent for change. With a deep trust and feeling of safety in the therapy space, a person can finally get ready to begin to heal. We strive to provide this level of safety, and trust to all of our patients in an effort to promote the highest level of growth and progress possible.


We strongly uphold moral and ethical principles in our daily practice and in the delivery of services. Our patients entrust their wellness to our professional care and expect to be treated, and to receive treatment, in a manner that honors professional codes and standards.


We embrace and uphold these attributes throughout our practice of service as our patients’ well being is foremost in the minds and hearts of everyone associated with Apple Psychological. Our therapists and staff are selected because they believe in and promote our mission and values.


We value both our patients’ as well as our therapists’ journey to explore the passions that interest them, continually promoting learning and growth through education, supervision, and insight.

At Apple Psychological, we aim to support patients and therapists in creating a work/life balance that allows them to feel fulfilled in their lives.

We strive to provide an open, warm, and professional environment, conducive to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, maintaining confidentiality of our patients, and allowing participants to feel free to express their feelings openly and comfortably.

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**We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare. We work with many In-Network and Out of Network insurance Carriers.

**For Psychological Evaluations- we ONLY take Northwell Health Insurance. We will also help clients with Out of Network Benefits.

However, in terms of therapy services, we work with many (not all) in and out of network insurance carriers.

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