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Master Your Stress …So You Can Ace Your Test

Does Your Child Struggle With:

  • Emotional Regulation Issues

  • Anxiety

  • Executive Function Challenges

  • Learning and Attentional Issues

  • Negative Thought Patterns and/or

  • ADHD?

We have seen so many students graduate high school and need therapy and coaching services due to emotional dysregulation and anxiety well into their college and adult years. Because of this, we have joined forces with Coaching With Brooke to partner with schools to help students become more independent and prevent them from struggling the way that we have seen.

We are thrilled to share an initiative Course and Manual for your child who is looking for necessary tools for Growth and Independence:

Lesson 1: Maximize Your Executive Functions
Lesson 2: Trump Your Time Management and Organization
Lesson 3: Master your Mindfulness
Lesson 4: Use Stress to Ace Your Test… Stress…Friend or Foe?
Lesson 5: When Feelings Get In Your Way!
Lesson 6: Master Your Test! (Test Taking Strategies)

All eCourse Subscriptions Include:- 

    1. 6-month Access to view the video eCourses as often as you’d like.
    2. Tons of downloads and ADHD resources for parents– yours to keep forever!
    3. Follow-up emails with support & resources – yours to keep forever! (Will send Special discount code if you want to renew the eCourse subscription after the first year!
    4. Access to Facebook Page for 6 months


In this Course, You Will Learn:

  • How to Change Your Negative Mindset to a Postive Mindset
  • Tools for Staying Focused on the Day of An Exam
  • What is Mindfulness? Ways to Keep Calm and Relaxed, Especially Before and During an Exam
  • How to Manage Strong Emotions
  • What is Your Learning Style?
  • How to Experience Gratitude.

And Much MORE…….