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    1.Exercising or moving your body daily: I know, never heard this one before. But it does truly make a huge difference. If you do not have time to do a full workout, just taking a five minute walk outside and getting some fresh air can make a huge difference. 

    2.Having a growth mindset: Many of us are taught from a young age that we can only get so smart- some people are just born with it. This is false! In adults, it is essential to be able to learn from your mistakes and to grow from them. Mistakes happen, but learning why they happen can be important in avoiding the same ones in the future. 

    3.Time Management: Being an adult is a busy life. You have work, your personal life, social life, family life, school (if you are still attending), and so on. It can be quite hard to manage all these things and to stay on top of everything. A huge way to balance various events and activities is writing down daily or weekly to do lists. This gives your brain to be able to visualize all your tasks, and it is very gratifying to cross them out as you finish them! 

    4.Diet and Sleep: What you eat and how much you sleep play a huge part in how you feel on a day to day basis. If you are eating unhealthy pretty frequently, you may feel sluggish and lack motivation. If you are not sleeping enough, you will be feeling very tired and unable to focus on your tasks. Making sure you get around 8 hours of sleep is key for personal wellbeing. A good feature that is accessible on iPhones is the Health app. The app provides a section for you to block out your sleeping time, and by doing this, your phone will automatically go on do not disturb at your bedtime and it also tracks how much sleep you get. Eating healthy is also key. Pinterest and Youtube are great places to find inspiration for meals. Meal prepping or meal kits could also make your weekday meals much easier. 

    5.Budgeting and Finances: Finances are tough. But, there are various tools online to help keep track of your finances. I have an excel sheet I keep that tracks how much money I make a month, and how much I spent in the same month. This helps me see where most of my money is being spent and helps me notice bad spending patterns. My rule for savings is to always set aside some money every paycheck I get; it does not have to be a certain percentage or the same amount every time, but even setting aside $20 for a savings account can be helpful. Finding a financial advisor could also be helpful for those who do not have enough time on their own hands to manage finances. 

    6.Personal Hobbies: Personal hobbies are very important to have in adulthood. It is important to set aside time for yourself weekly for you to do the things you enjoy to master a craft. Hobbies could include gardening, crocheting, reading, baking, going on bike rides, and so on. Doing a personal hobby will help you stay connected to yourself and find passion in things outside of your career and work. 


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