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Seasonal DepressionOften times, the holiday season can be filled with feelings of sadness or despair. What some don’t realize, is that this is just the beginning for others who struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD frequently begins around the holiday season because this is around the time that the weather begins getting colder and less accommodating to spending time outdoors. This slightly isolative change may not seem like a big deal right away. As time goes on, the cold weather can force people to abandon their community. This leads to feelings of isolation, which makes socializing feel impossible. Without knowing why, you may start to feel a disconnection from the world and even yourself. This slowly happens as you continue to stay inside of your home.

This emotional reaction can be frustrating and may lead you to feel helpless and alone. Thus, leaving you to ask yourself “what’s wrong with me?”. SAD is much more complex than the occasional feeling of depression during the winter. It is a serious disorder that one needs assistance to deal with. Roughly 5% of adults experience SAD in the U.S. Being able to take control of your emotions and change your mindset when you are feeling sad is not a depressive characteristic. Struggling to, or feeling like it’s impossible to have any control over your emotions on a frequent basis is considered to be depressive behavior.

How can you help this?
The hardest part of improving your well being for many people is admitting
that they need help. Accepting that you may have issues that are going
untreated is scary. Some of the symptoms might be ones that your friends
and family will not be able to recognize. Acknowledging your issues is often
thought to be a sign of weakness. What people don’t often consider, is that
many others around them are also facing their own internal struggles. The
stigma around struggling with mental health is a major reason that people
do not get the help they need. In reality, acknowledging your issues is the
first step towards feeling better.

Having the ability to meet with a professional psychologist without leaving
the comfort of your home, is an amazing feature that is offers in our private
practice. Teletherapy with Apple Psychological, LLP allows you to have
someone to talk through your emotions with which can significantly help you
develop a more stable and emotional mindset.

Talking through your emotions is especially beneficial when you feel you have
no one you can turn to and might feel all alone. If you’re finding yourself
having an annual struggle getting through the winter and your mental health
is at a constant low, then reach out to our therapists for help. The support you
receive can be life changing.

Together, we can help you get through this difficult time.
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