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Making the decision to go to couples therapy can be challenging. Instead of having to get yourself onboard, you also have to get your partner on board as well.

However, many don’t realize that couples therapy does not have to be a “last resort” for a troubled relationship. Couples Therapy can also be preventative. Even couples who have very few issues can go to therapy to prevent issues from happening in the future.HOW DO I KNOW IF MY PARTNER AND I NEED THERAPY?

Couples therapy is great because it serves as a channel of communication between partners. It allows for large disagreements to be turned into small ones because they were effectively communicated.

While it can be preventive, Couples Therapy is typically seen as something designed for a struggling couple. It can be for those who have been feeling disconnected or those who need help understanding how their partner is feeling. Perhaps the communication is not meeting the needs of one or both partners. Or, there are unresolved issues that are affecting aspects of the relationship. There are common examples of why couples start therapy.


Sitting down with an unbiased third party can help take the emotion out of disagreements. Speaking with a licensed clinician who is trained in couples therapy can improve the direction of your relationship.

At Apple Psychological, we offer couples therapy in online settings, as well as in person. The ease of doing an online telehealth appointment allows for flexibility in scheduling and more comfort, being in a familiar place.

Here are some tips when introducing therapy to your partner:
● Couples therapy is used to strengthen a relationship
● Therapy is not only used as a “last resort”
● Through Apple Psychological’s couples therapy specialty it can all be done online!
● About 49% of couples attend couples therapy and over 90% of clients said they were given more effective strategies/tools for dealing with their obstacles

If you are hesitant about introducing the idea of therapy to your partner, point them to an article like this one.

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An experienced counselor specializing in Couples Therapy can help.