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Summertime can be hard for a lot of parents trying to maintain their child’s educational drive. After coming back home from finals and a full semester of schoolwork, kids often find themselves lazy and unproductive. Sometimes this can lead to your child feeling more irritable and sad. The best way for you to support your child is to push them to stay busy each day. Whether it be finding a summer job, or just giving them chores and errands to run. Helping them do something purposeful each day allows them to accomplish something. Whether it be big or small, keeping the mind active can help the transition back into the school year or even into the workplace.


When you use your brain everyday, you’re maintaining your mental confidence for the incoming school year. Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming for a college student to think about all the courses and work they will have to manage. This intimidating feeling is sometimes exemplified by kids as not wanting to go back to school at all. As disappointing as this may seem to parents, it’s important to consider that it may just be your child feeling overwhelmed. Frequently talking about school and keeping it in natural conversation throughout the summer, can help it remain on your kids mind and ease the last minute nerves of going back.


If your child is truly struggling with the thought of going back to college in the fall, talking to a professional can help. At Apple Psychological we offer services specifically for college students. Schedule a consultation with a specialist today! To learn about our College Transition Team or to book a free consultation, click HERE or call us at 917-526-0766. An experienced counselor specializing in this transformative period of time can help.

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