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As a high school student we underestimate the luxury of having people to guide you each and every day. Making the change to being a college student can be quite overwhelming and confusing at times.

It may seem as if the support system you were used to having by your side has completely left you high and dry, but that’s not the case!

Although you may not have family or friends guiding you as closely as before, that doesn’t mean they are not there anymore. Now they’re just providing guidance from a distance.

On a college campus, oftentimes there are numerous programs in place to help students confront their new challenges. Unfortunately, students miss out on opportunities because of lack of motivation to go or just simply because they weren’t informed. With Apple Psychological’s College Transition Team, we make it easy to obtain the help and support you may need with the ability to meet with professionals who can guide students in the right direction.

Students often don’t account for the amount of downtime they have in college. This downtime can lead to a loss of motivation which ultimately affects them academically, socially and physically. Here are some tips for using your downtime productively: 

  • Read a book; I know this one sounds simple, but reading can help keep your mind stimulated and it helps build your focus
  • Take a walk; going for walks enables you to get some fresh air and be around others. It also gives you an opportunity to get some exercise
  • Make friends; this one can be overwhelming for some people. Keep in mind that many students in college are facing similar struggles as you and they’re all looking to make friends
  • Find a new study place; sometimes studying in your room can feel isolating and can even make you feel tired, so a change of scenery can help to keep you motivated
  • Reach out to a friend; talking to someone from home helps to stay connected and feel supported
  • Get a job; although you may feel busy with school work sometimes, you don’t realize how much downtime you really have. By adding more to your schedule, you actually can help improve your time management skills

 To learn about how we can help or to book a free consultation, click HERE or call us at 917-526-0766. An experienced therapist specializing in this transitional time can help.

Check out Our College Transition Team which provides young adults with the necessary therapeutic support for students balancing the many stresses and responsibilities required during the transition from high school to college life.

In addition, Apple Psychological offers other Support for parents and teens. Find out more information and Register HERE or book a free consultation by Clicking Here