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Whether you are on your way to college or already in college, you know that choosing a college major is one of the most significant decisions you face as you move on to higher education. Your major determines what career you will have after the next 4 years of undergraduate studies, however, for many students this decision, along with the idea of selecting a major can be overwhelming. If you find yourself wrestling with the big question of what to study in college, rest assured–you are not alone.


It’s OK to Not Know

The first step is recognizing that feeling uncertain about what to study in college is completely normal. Rather than viewing these uncertain feelings as roadblocks, try to see them as an integral part of your journey. Take this opportunity to explore all of your interests, passions, and the different career paths available, without the pressure of having to figure it all out right away.

Figure Out Your Interests

Take the time to think about your interests. What subjects do you find the most engaging? What activities bring you joy? What volunteering or work have you done that has inspired you? Consider what your academic strengths are, and use this to your advantage. College is the place where you get to hone in on all that you love and are passionate about.

Seek Guidance and Get Involved

Don’t ever feel ashamed to reach out for guidance and support. Colleges have a vast array of resources that are meant to help you on this journey of self-discovery. You can find support through academic advisors, professors, mental health workers, and family. All of these resources can offer valuable insight, and perspective that will help direct you in the right direction. Many universities offer career counseling sessions and workshops that are designed to help students explore and identify potential majors and career paths.

Trust the Process

Remember, your choice of major is not set in stone. It is ok to change your mind, pivot, and explore new avenues along the way. Trust in yourself and the process of discovering who you are in this new phase. Keep an open mind, embrace the change, and believe that everything will fall into place.

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