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Adulting 101

So, you finally graduated from high school…you made it…! You are now technically…an ADULT.

….You can make decisions on my own, no one is going to tell you what to do. You can finally do anything you want!

….You can eat ice cream for breakfast! Play video games all hours of the night! Wait until the last minute to cram for the exam. Go out every night of the week! Use every pair of underwear you have before doing the laundry. Who is going to stop you?

…..But wait……..

….Why does this feel scary and not everything you imagined it would be all those years as a young teenager when your parents were lecturing you about what to eat, when to organize your room, and when to do your schoolwork?

….Why does this suddenly not really seem fun at all, but actually seem like a lot of responsibility that you possibly cannot handle. You suddenly realize that being an adult does not only mean being able to have the ultimate freedom, but it also comes with the ultimate responsibility and pressure to make those tough decisions.

Being An Adult Is Hard.

No one prepares you to be an adult.
You go from the nurturing and comfort of your parents’ home where many times, if you are lucky, your needs are met and sometimes, decisions are made for you, to having to advocate for yourself to make sure you get what you need and having to make many of your own decisions.

Often, especially as kids enter the college years, they are bombarded with social situations that they have never been in before. Where do you fit in? You are now surrounded by so many people and have to cope with many interactions each day. Who do you want to be for now and for the future?

You might feel that family or society is putting pressure on you to have career goals and you are not ready to commit to a career path long term. What do you do?

Academically, you might be taking several classes and be expected to juggle multiple due dates, exams and assignments in a very different way than you did in high school. Or if you are trying to get a job, how do you go about doing that?

These issues might cause you to feel lonely, unsure of yourself, and question your own abilities. This period of time in your life can also be very exciting and also extremely overwhelming.

Get Ready To Launch – How Therapy Can Help


The good news about this is, while this is a big transition in your life which can be stressful, this is the BEST time to explore your identity, question your career goals, and try new things.

However, it is helpful to have a warm, caring, compassionate therapist to guide you in your journey towards understanding more about yourself, in an effort to find your rightful path instead of mindlessly wandering.

With the guidance of Apple Psychological’s therapist, you will feel more confident in your self-advocacy skills, self-awareness, and ability to be independent, not having to rely on others to solve conflicts or make decisions as you had before.

Once you feel more secure in your abilities, you will feel a greater sense of self-worth, find your voice again, and be able to communicate more effectively.

If you find yourself having difficulty living independently, and making responsible choices, or if you notice that you are making impulsive decisions, we can help.

The Therapy Process

Once you make the decision to take the first step to participate in therapy, first, Congratulations! You have given yourself a very special gift of well-being and are showing yourself that you are an important priority.

When you book a therapy appointment, you will be asked to fill out standard intake paperwork and consent forms which will give your therapist important background information necessary to start our work together.

In therapy, you will have the opportunity to feel heard and validated. Once you have discussed your concerns, your expert will individualize your treatment plan to tailor your treatment with your specific goals in mind, leading you to the happier life that you ultimately are looking for.

We offer a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss which of our therapists is the best fit to help you meet your goals. Once that has been determined, your therapist will take their time establishing rapport, and developing an idea of how we can help you become more independent and grow as a person.

Apple Psychological, we have been helping children, adolescents, and adults develop coping skills, become more independent, and improve their ability to connect and communicate for almost 20 years. Our holistic team approach, combined experience, knowledge of various therapeutic techniques, together with our compassion for our clients and love for what we do have proven to be successful in helping our clients to reach goals that they never thought possible.

We treat our clients as family and many of our clients’ families have been in our practice for many years as they trust our clinicians and often refer them to their own friends and family.

Topics We Might Discuss In Therapy

Send us a message if you have any questions

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Career Goals

If you are unsure of your career path, your therapist can help you visualize what you might want, even if you can’t see it for yourself right now. Talking it out can help you envision how to get from here to there.


As we get older, our attachments and desires change. It is important to have an understanding of what is healthy and what is unhealthy in a relationship. Sometimes, we need the help of an objective person to recognize that a relationship is toxic for us because we can’t see it when we are in it. Your therapist can work with you to establish boundaries that are appropriate and feel good for you.


It is normal to feel sad at times especially when we are learning to take care of so many responsibilities. But when our moods change into a depressive state, causing us to have difficulty functioning on a daily basis, this is when we need to look for help. A therapist can help you recognize the signs and symptoms of depression while learning strategies to help you cope and feel happier and more in control of your life. Click link depression treatment to learn more.


Anxiety is the most popular mental health disorder in the United States. While this is not surprising, especially given our society today, it can impact the way we live our lives on a regular basis. Therapy can help you combat your anxiety by learning to identify and change negative thoughts and belief systems. By participating in treatment, you will feel relief from racing thoughts and find peace. Click link  anxiety treatment to learn more.


So, I’m Finally Ready To Talk To A Therapist But I Have A Few Questions….


Yes. Therapy is an opportunity to express yourself in a safe, comfortable, objective environment. It gives you the space to explore different ideas without judgment. Through this experience, you will be surprised to see what you can discover about yourself with an open mind.


Yes! Because we do telehealth, we are able to offer flexible hours and work around your classes or work schedule. We offer evening and weekend appointments.
We have worked with many college students so we understand how busy your day can get! We are happy to accommodate your schedule when we can.


The most important factor in therapy is developing a successful therapeutic, trusting relationship. You can rest assured that what you say in a therapy session is confidential, between you and your therapist….yes, even if your parents are paying.

However, a therapist’s ultimate job is to keep people safe. Confidentiality must be broken if your therapist feels that there is a situation that involves danger to yourself or others. That being said, confidentiality will be discussed with you and will also be discussed in your first session with your therapist to clarify.

If you would like your therapist to communicate with your parents or anyone else, you may sign a release form and your therapist can communicate with other members of your support team.

There is no shame in taking care of yourself and giving yourself the message that your mental health matters!


If you are ready to start adulting with ease, and want to learn how to make responsible choices without being impulsive, Apple Psychological can help you become independent and more confident. Please contact us and specify your interest in therapy for Adulting for your free, 15-minute consultation or to set up your first therapy for Adulting session.

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