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ADHD Treatment


Are you zoning out, losing track of time, and losing focus easily?

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Do you always have a list of 87 things on your to-do list, but nothing ever seems to get completed? Or maybe you promise yourself that you are going to start your assignment but then procrastinate until the day before it is due only to get an anxiety attack because you can’t believe that you waited until the last minute to start it!

Because of these challenging symptoms, you may find difficulties in your relationships. You might notice that the important people in your life can begin to feel frustrated, angry, hypercritical, or controlling regarding your behavior. Due to these issues, those around you may begin to build resentment and frustration which can significantly impact your relationships over time.

Living with ADHD symptoms on a daily basis can make life seem unbearable and tedious at times. You are probably wondering why you have to work so hard to accomplish simple tasks and why it takes you so much longer than others to accomplish goals while others can complete them with ease.

ADHD treatment at Apple Psychological can help you learn strategies to live your life feeling more productive, more educated about your condition, and realistic about the goals you set forth to accomplish, making you ultimately happier with your progress and performance.

Our unique team approach, with communication between your therapist, psychiatrist, and executive functioning coach allows us to provide stellar, holistic services, unlike other practices to our ADHD patients.

Take The Sitgma & Shame Out Of ADHD

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While many people these days have heard of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, there continues to be stigmas and misconceptions associated with it. It is important to understand that no matter the age of diagnosis, this is not your fault nor is it the fault of your parents or relatives. Too many times children and adults with ADHD are blamed and labeled as being lazy, or not trying hard enough. If you got a diagnosis of asthma or arthritis or diabetes, should you or your parents be blamed for getting that diagnosis? Of course not.

ADHD does run in families and often you will find that if you are diagnosed with the condition, there is a good possibility that a parent or relative also has the condition, either diagnosed or undiagnosed. There are also environmental and developmental factors that can contribute to the onset of ADHD symptoms including drug use and high stress experienced by a mother during pregnancy, or childhood trauma.

And, despite the misguided notion that people with ADHD are less competent or incapable, in fact, People living with ADHD may have a variety of skills and abilities beyond those of their neurotypical counterparts. These may include hyperfocus, resilience, creativity, conversational skills, spontaneity, and abundant energy. Many people view these benefits as “superpowers” which those with ADHD can hone to their advantage.

Taking the stigma and shame out of the diagnosis is the first step in psychoeducation about ADHD and will relieve you of the burden that the judgement of others has put on you for all this time. At Apple Psychological, our caring therapists will walk you through this step in a kind, caring way, making sure to listen and validate your feelings along the journey.

Just Imagine If You Could:

  • Focus for Hours and Stay Focused
  • Manage Your Time and Keep up with your Daily Tasks
  • Complete Tasks in a Timely Manner
  • Be More Confident
  • Keep Calm and Control Your Emotions

Get Ready To Take Control Of Your Mental Health & Start Living An Easier Life

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Over and over again, studies have shown that the best treatment for ADHD is a combination of medication or nutritional supplements and therapy. At Apple Psychological, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a warm, trusting, supportive, nonjudgmental therapeutic environment due to our experience and expertise in ADHD treatment with children, adolescents and adults for almost 20 years. In this space, you will be able to explore your symptoms freely and comfortably and find solutions to your problems with the help of a supportive therapist.

The Therapy Process

Before your first session, you will receive paperwork to complete regarding your concerns. Therefore, by the time you have your intake session, your therapist will understand why you are in ADHD treatment, and you will be ready to jump right into how we can help.

As your therapist and our team develops an accurate diagnosis and begins to understand the impact that your ADHD symptoms are having on your life, they will begin to outline a treatment plan while considering your goals, strengths, and needs.

In ADHD treatment, you will learn about where your symptoms came from and how they manifest in your life. With Behavioral and Cognitive Behavioral Interventions (CBT), as well as Solution Focused therapies, you will learn how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are related to each other. This will teach you to crack the code to actually be able to shift your thinking which in turn, impacts your behavior, improving self-esteem and daily productivity.

An important part of ADHD treatment is helping you to develop a more positive mindset, learning to identify negative thought patterns leading you to recognize the inner strength you never thought you had!

Daily life does not have to be such a struggle! ADHD treatment at Apple Psychological is here to help change this. We offer a FREE 15-minute consultation to discuss your initial concerns. Contact us to discuss how we can help you start your journey toward a healthier life.

At Apple Psychological, we have been helping children, adolescents, and adults with ADHD become more independent, cope with life’s challenges, and improve executive functioning and social skills for almost 20 years.

Our holistic team approach, combined experience, knowledge of various therapeutic techniques, together with our compassion for our clients and love for what we do have proven to be successful in helping our clients to reach goals that they never thought possible. We treat our clients as family and many of our families have been in our practice for many years as they trust our clinicians and often refer them to their own friends and family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am embarrassed and afraid that others will judge me or my child if an ADHD diagnosis is found. Can I handle this on my own?

This question speaks to the stigma and shame that is unfortunately associated with many mental health conditions, ADHD is no different. It is best to think of ADHD as you would any medical condition. Would you handle a heart problem on your own or an complex neurological condition? Probably not. It is understandable to feel this way and it is always best to accept help and support from your therapist, other professionals, friends, and family when you need it. The alternative to getting help is leaving your ADHD undiagnosed and untreated. This results in much more serious consequences including more complicated symptoms which cause even greater havoc in your life than the perceived judgments of others. And given that ADHD is a complex condition, professional help is often necessary.

I am concerned that ADHD treatment will be expensive.

Therapy is certainly an investment. However, like most investments that are worth it, ADHD treatment can help you live a life that feels more accomplished, leaving you happier, more in control of your life, meeting the needs of yourself and others, and not feeling like you are constantly one step behind. The costs of untreated ADHD will be much greater than those of some productive sessions with an ADHD specialist who can lead the way towards success.

Does everyone with ADHD take medication?

While the most effective treatment for ADHD has been found to be a combination between medication and therapy according to research, not everyone with ADHD is on medication nor does everyone with ADHD require medication. Although medication can have a positive effect on ADHD symptoms and can improve a person’s functioning, we always respect a person’s individual choice as to what treatment plan they wish to pursue. There are many options beyond medication that can help with symptoms of ADHD. As with all of our clients, the ways we help you address your problems have to make sense to you.

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Together, We Can Join You On The Journey Toward Productivity & Happiness

Whether you’re an adult or child, if you suspect you have or have been diagnosed with Attention-Defecit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), treatment at Apple Psychological can help. Please contact us and specify your interest in ADHD treatment for your free, 15-minute consultation or to set up your first ADHD treatment session.

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